Monday, January 30, 2017

CC10: The Final Chemo Down

I Endured Nine Weeks of Chemo Therapy to Treat Testicular Cancer... and Today Is My Last Day

No written blog post today. The above vlog will speak for itself. Please give it a watch (it's only 2 minutes 30 seconds). 

My chemo support team
(Clockwise from top left: Me ringing the bell, with Nurse Jenn,
with receptionists Clyde and Liz, and with Mal)
Mom and me

A self exam is how most cases of testicular cancer are detected early. Click the image for video directions or click here for a larger version

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  1. Beautiful smiles from you and your amazing support team. Love that one of you and your mom!

    1. I'll send that along to my mom - I know she'll love that.

    2. You should probably send her this one too... How is it possible she's your mom? She looks young enough to be your sister! (Total truth there... I was expecting the caption to say that).
      Congratulations on your last treatment!

  2. Justin,
    Keep fighting the good fight. Glad to hear you've reached the end of your chemo. Thinking of you and yours and wishing y'all the best.

  3. What a journey - what a strong man you are! I loved the video and when I saw the pic of you and your mom; wow! Brought tears to my eyes. She's your greatest supporter! Prayers for good test results and downhill from here.

  4. Dude. I've been following from afar (off and on) and I just have to say thank you. Thank you for documenting your journey, thank you for having a positive outlook, and thank you for being strong enough to share. Keep fighting, Justin.

    1. Thanks, man. Sorry it took me so long to respond to this comment. It's been a pleasure to share my story.

      PS - Congrats on the new book. I need to get my hands on a copy; it looks great!

    2. For sure! And hey, if you end up grabbing a copy, I'd love to hear what you think of it. You're an inspiration, Justin.